Company financial information along with  watch list summary

Now you can view basic financial information about the company while viewing the watch list. Also click on the company link will take you to detailed information about the company.

Simplified adding transactions

Based on the survey results we simplified the add transaction form. Now date be defaulted to today’s date and most of the important fields will be on line one.

Add company to a watch list directly from company summary page

If you are logged in to website and browsing company summary. If you wish to track any company closely then you can add it from there itself to watch list.

Export data feature on dividend detail page

Most of the portfolio pages on askkuber website allow you to download data in CSV file. It was missing on Dividend page which has been added recently.

Other charges field available in upload CSV file

Few investor receive the files which have other charges too.  Now from the file itself other charges will be picked and no need to manually edit these trades.