Now our users can manage their PPF under Fixed Deposit because it was the most desired features by our investors based on the survey we conducted a while back.

Features Supported

  • Add any number of investments post opening the account and not limiting to same amount and fixed interval (max one deposit per day).
  • Recalculate the maturity amount and accumulated interest for any update in deposit let it be for past dates.
  • Add reinvestment amount every year on 1st April till maturity based on total investment till date.
  • Calculate unrealized profit till previous month end from previous year end (e.g. 31 st March).

Not supported yet

  • Only one interest rate through the life of deposit. Right now PPF interest rate is declared every year and can change every year theoretically.
  • Withdraw from deposit are not supported like from PPF account one can withdraw partial amount after 5 years.

Export monthly report in EXCEL as well as PDF format for any date range

Till now monthly report was only available in PDF format. Now members can download the report in Excel format and also input the date range. Excel format will allow users to do more calculations at their end if needed.

Simplified steps of bulk Upload transactions from a CSV file

  • Allowed more number of columns to choose from, earlier there were only 7 columns.
  • Easy to navigate UI after data is uploaded and validated so that user can correct any error.
  • Logic to find company enhanced to find the right company based on the file input.