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Market Key developments

User can track market data of all companies of BSE & NSE.

View the list of significantly large deals of today that have taken place on the BSE & NSE

Track daily movements of all BSE & NSE indices.

View all large-mid-small cap that have touched new 52 week highs at the closing of the day.

View all large-mid-small cap stovolume_spurtscks that have touched their 52 week low at the closing of the day.

View the large-mid-small cap stocks which fell most today.

View the large-mid-small cap stocks which gained most today.

Stocks of large-mid-small cap traded in huge volume as compared to their 5-day average traded volume.

Compare stock to other stock & index on technical chart

View stocks and index chart and compare your stocks to other stocks & market indices


Delete all transactions in one go

In case you need to cleanup the portfolio, it was difficult earlier and you have to delete all transactions one by one. Now you can delete all transactions in one go resulted from the search. But we will caution to use it with care and export the transactions before using this option.

 New fields added for search filter criteria on Screener

Users has given the feedback that in some cases they want to specify more precise input values. For such usage of screener we made the enhancement and user can specify the value in From and To field. Now you can search the companies with more precise filters.

Upload transactions enhancement

Strengthen in company name validation on bulk upload transactions. Earlier in some valid cases also company name was not verified by the system and user has to manually change it. Now many of these scenarios are handled by the application.