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Askkuber is researching since long, to find the opportunity in the market with the aim to beat the broader market. Our research is based on key fundamentals like

1.Our objective is to beat the broader market index and we don’t target specific return such as 20% or 30% annual return.

2.We don’t have return target for individual stock. A stock in our recommendation list might be dormant for some time but in long term it will beat the broader index.

3.Our portfolio risk profile should be lower than broader index like NIFTY/SENSEX. We look for stocks which are less volatile, which means the stocks that don’t go up one day and fall next day.

4.We don’t look for penny stock or very small companies.

5.We might be wrong some time and when we realize that we sell right away without looking for how much loss it will have on our portfolio.

6.Recommendations should be based on information available in public domain. These recommendations should not be based on financial numbers of companies because the financial numbers in public domain are manipulated numbers.

Based on these objectives we are following market since last couple of years and review model portfolio once every month. Our research has concluded and we are very confident that our strategy will give superior returns in long run. Hence we decided to make this information public and help our fellow retail investors in managing their portfolio.

Following are the few highlight of our portfolio:

Return:- Askkuber stock recommendations have delivered return of 77.48% for 1 year as against Nifty return of 47.40% on an annualized return basis.

Volatility:- Askkuber stock recommendations has volatility 0.91 for 1 year while Nifty volatility is 0.83.

You can view the Model Portfolio composition , its performance and past buy and sell recommendations on our website http://www.askkuber.com (provide information about the link on website like option under Research Top menu).