Investment snapshot for any date in the past: There was request by couple of users to allow them see portfolio summary as on a past date. To support this request we added a new page where user can choose any date and investment summary as on a past date will be displayed. By exporting data in Excel file one can do more custom analysis of portfolio on different dates. Also one can get the portfolio snapshot using monthly report option too. When report is fired for a date range, summary is produced for that range, which also can help user to desired objective.

Technical chart for portfolio companies: We heard many users request where they mentioned that they have to type the name of company on technical chart page even for companies in their portfolio. Now you need not to type the company you own on technical chart page. Instead you can select the company from drop down and click on show chart to see price.

On holding page sort todays profit by percentage: Till now sorting was available on todays profit value. Since value and percentage both are available on the same column we altered the sorting logic and sorting will be available on todays profit percentage. More sorting options are made available on Investment Snapshot page (Investment snapshot details are mentioned in this email below).

View last seven days transaction in just a click: On search transaction page by default date range was one year. We found in most common use case users were searching weekly transactions. Hence in order to make weekly transaction search user has to edit the date. Now we changed the default date range to be one week hence users need not to change the dates input in most of the cases.

View stock price on the date when it was added in watch list: Many users requested to know the price around which the stock was added in watchlist. Hence we added the price for a company on the date stock was added in the watchlist.

Cash in hand detail on portfolio summary: Cash in hand information has been integrated with Investment Summary, Portfolio summary pages. With this all the pages showing current summary of account is integrated with Cash In hand information.

Set alert on portfolio networth: We made the big change in our daily alert feature. Now users can set alert by on portfolio networth change in one business day. Alert will be triggered when portfolio networth changes by selected percentage and you will be notified by email and mobile notification. Currently user can choose with 1 or 5 % daily change in portfolio networth during one day.